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Paul Anderie

Kleve, Germany

Top Digital Marketing Specialist

During my 10 years’ of experience in Digital Marketing, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with amazing clients big brands as well as small local shop owners. Successfully I've managed the digital transformation for companies with yearly revenue up to €5+ Million I offer digital marketing strategy, Marketing Automation management, digital workshops & coaching.



Digital Strategy

Looking for unique set of technological knowledge which directs all departments for digital industry growth. To ensure this result, I will collaborate with all marketing, business development, and organizational management teams to build your digital strategy.

Digital Growth & Marketing

If you cant get the attention of todays consumer, you wont be able to make business with him. That's where Online-marketing and digital Growth comes into play. Together we'll determine your target audience and get the channels in place, so that you will get infront of your customer, with the right message at the right time. We'll use a combination of:
- Paid Ads (Google and Social)
- Email Marketing
- Video and Content Marketing

Project Management

Most projects fail because they are not properly managed. Especially when an online shop is to be created and an enterprise resource planning system is to be set up at the same time, many medium-sized companies reach their limits. This is exactly where I step in and make sure that the project is completed successfully.

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Give specific examples of projects a top Digital Marketing Freelancer would undertake for a company?

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Paul Anderie

Kleve, Germany

Give specific examples of projects a top Digital Marketing Freelancer would undertake for a company?

  • building an e-commerce site from scratch and developing it into a € 10k revenue business per month
  • digitalisation and Automating of an existing client on-boarding process, including follow up emails.
  • developing and executing the strategy of a online learning platform, with monthly paying customers with a value of € 3K per Month

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